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ItCanFly is actively seeking to license/sell its intellectual properties, either the patent rights or right to manufacture/distribute any individual product and application, to any willing and capable individuals or institutions, and welcomes your inquiry or proposal. Please contact us for further communication.

The ItCanFly owns international patents for modularized aircraft structures and methods, and using the technology it has developed modular aircraft applications and products with unique advantages over conventional aircraft in that it is substantially more economic to own and operate fleet of aircraft of multiple application duo to the very nature of a modular system including:

  • universally shared base module of essential flight components among the aircraft;

  • distinct efficiency advantage in operation to form and fly various aircraft;

  • simplified overall maintenance;

  • resistant to crash/impact damage.

The modular aircraft concepts and methods have broad application potentials in today's aerospace market, and it is especially suitable to implement modular technologies into small to micro sized, unmanned radio or autonomously controlled aircraft in the following application markets:

  • hobby and toy aircraft,

  • unmanned aero-vehicles (UAVs) / drones.